eBook updates

Following repeated requests, this page is provided to give the details of successive upgrades and alterations to the "Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices" eBook. The information on this page is not important in any way.


15th October 2018 (Ver.33.7)

Chapter 4 Some additional information on building the Donny Watts house-powering generator.


26th September 2018 (Ver.33.6)

Chapter 19 - The 150-watt table-top generator goes solid state with essentially unlimited output power.


1st September 2018 (Ver.33.5)

Chapter 19 - The latest updates to the 150-watt table-top generator, lowering the cost, the weight and the construction time while raising the power.


19th August 2018 (Ver.33.4) The addition of chapter 23



7th August 2018 (Ver.33.3) Minor adaptions caused by the death of Ed Holdgate of Florida..